The Palace Hotel

I recently went to the Bay Area. I went to Berkeley, Oakland, and even San Francisco. Honestly, I love the Bay Area! I would not be so averse to moving up there for a little bit. I find the people to be so down-to-earth, the food is amazing, and the weather is great. It does get colder up north more than it is in Southern California. However, when it is over a hundred degrees in SoCal, NorCal is so amazing! In addition, people there are so kind and open-minded. Different communities co-mingle so well up north. People are less judgmental of other people and their situations over there. I have met some brilliant minds up north. Finally, the best food I've tasted has probably been from the Bay Area so far. They experiment with different types of foods. There is so much flavor and zest! I love it there.

Although I am not planning to move there anytime soon, I love going up north to visit. I went there for three days. The first day, I just hung out in Berkeley. The second day, I went up to San Francisco. We ended up going to the Palace Hotel. That hotel was so beautiful. My mom kept taking pictures of me; so don't mind that too much. You will see some if you go through them. Overall, I wanted to share some pictures that inspired me. To be honest, most pictures are from the Palace Hotel. That hotel genuinely inspired me especially since I want my service to be congruent to regality and luxury.

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