First Sketches

Howdy my friends,

So I have been styling all these girls who are my friends for a while now. It is not as easy or glamorous as the pictures seem to be. In addition, it is not always easy getting a hold of a friend and have them model according to what you want them to do. Moreover, whenever I go return the clothes I have these girls model in, the cashiers ask me a bunch of questions like why I am returning clothes. Last time I went, the cashier even sniffed them. What I am trying to say is that I really thought about this whole styling thing. To be honest, I don’t think it suits my personality at the end of the day. I’m more of a business woman. I would like to do things my own way with my own creativity and knowledge. As I have hinting in the past, I am thinking of starting to design clothes. Also, I am going to make these for myself. I am pretty much designing clothes for myself, and I’ll model them too. I made a few sketches, which I have posted on here. I will continue to make more this week. Next week, hopefully, I will go to Downtown Los Angeles to select the fabric and everything. I am not a huge pro at this. However, I am willing to learn. I used to design clothes when I was younger and even sew them. I never got the chance to actually pursue this passion of mine. This time, I have nothing to lose. Hence, I will be showing you what I can do. I hope you like it! In addition, make sure to subscribe to the email list at the very bottom. This will be fun. I love you!