Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills

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Now, for the post of the day, I recently went to a art gallery. I like art. I’m trying to get more into it. I love aesthetics! I think it’s why this is the direction I am going towards. It’s fascinating how people would make these art pieces. What is even more interesting is the clients and customers who will buy it!

I wanted to go visit this art gallery because Virgil Abloh and Takashi Murakami teamed up to build this show called “America Too.”


I am familiar with Takashi Murakami’s work from when I visited the Broad in Downtown Los Angeles. I also recently discovered more about Virgil Abloh. I feel that I should have already known about him, but it’s never late. It is however fascinating how he is becoming a creative director without any previous records of being a fashion designer. Nonetheless, the work the two artists created was quite interesting.