First of all, I would like to thank my friend Ellie for letting me style her. She looked so beautiful in the pictures. I would also like to thank her father for letting me shoot at his house. He built this house from scratch, and it's so amazing!

For this shoot, I wanted to go all out. I haven't done that for my other clients because I wanted to get much more comfortable with what I was doing. Nonetheless, this turned out to be absolutely breathtaking and my best work yet!

I picked out all these clothes. We went to Ellie's dad's house. I parked in the driveway. Ellie told me it's so easy to back out. I believed her even though I was so scared to park in her extremely steep driveway.

She got her makeup and her hair ready. The first outfit I told her to try on was the red Alice + Olivia outfit. It looked stunning. It was probably everyone's favorite outfit of all the outfits I styled her with. The scarlet red color looked so stunning on her!

The next outfit was the fuchsia Theory silk dress. I got matching shoes with it. It looked so chic. I love silk and satin! It looks so classy and elegant on whoever wears it. It is so classy for an evening wear.

After the look below, we were done for the day. We were driving back home. I had to pull out of her steep, intimidating driveway. I was breaking every half millisecond because I didn't want anything to happen to my car. I told Ellie to help me out since it was so "easy" for her. She finally told me that she had never backed in or out of her driveway. She just told me it was "easy" to boost my confidence. I just laughed. That made it all so much better. Honestly, it did give me confidence. It was a good day overall. I was very happy with the work I did the first day.

The second day was amazing. I didn't park in her driveway this time, which was great. Ellie's cousin Delyar came to the shoot. She gave tips on how Ellie should do her hair and makeup. It was helpful! Ellie's father was home too. He shot a few pictures. I learned so much from what he was telling me about the pictures.

The most insane thing about the whole shoot was how Ellie changed when she wore the outfits. She became so confident. I had never seen that side of her. She was confident, classy, chic, sexy, and beautiful. I had never seen this supermodel version of Ellie. I fell in love with it! I took pictures after pictures! She looked so beautiful! She looked like a boss woman. This is exactly what I absolutely love about this! I love how a person could go from just being who they are to turning into the best version of themselves. Ellie became the most refined version of herself. This is what makes this so fun for me! I'm doing this out of love for fashion. Below are the pictures I took of her in the black suit.

The final outfit was probably my favorite one of them all. It was so chic. I know it may make a person look a little older. However, it is just so chic. I have seen it so many times, but I know I can't fit into it. I feel that it is meant for someone who is taller.

Ellie wore this outfit. She looked absolutely marvelous. She pulled it off and made it look so classy and effortless. Delyar said it would look good with a middle part. I wanted a middle part as well as a side part. Overall, both hairstyles worked. She looked so flawless and so well put-together.

I feel that all of these looks are looks that would make people's head turn. Thank you so much Ellie, Delyar, and Michael for helping me out and supporting me. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. It means so much. This has been my best work yet. I am so excited to share it all with you. I know it's only going to go up from here. With the right support, I feel that I can break ceilings.

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