Portfolio Break

Last Thursday, I styled my friend with those four looks I posted last week. Every outfit was a little different than the last one. For the four looks, I used lots of jewelry. I will talk more about what jewelry means to clothing in the next few weeks. It is quite important and most people don’t consider it. They overlook it. Furthermore, I will be elaborating more about the looks in the next few weeks too.

I plan to post the looks in the next few weeks. There is an update on my life! I am going to take a hiatus from augmenting my portfolio to focus on some pressing things in my life. Nonetheless, I won’t stop posting blogs.

Additionally, fashion week is here! I have gotten to know the schedule over the years. New York is obviously the first one. It is the fashion capital in the country. It is followed by London, Milan, and finally the creme de la creme Paris. I will be posting some of the looks that caught my attention and inspire me. As for now, take care!