One of my style icons is my mother. I get my makeup tips from her. However, I give stying tips to her. For the past few weeks, I have been following my mom around after I styled her and took all these pictures that you can see below. She feels so confident when I do so.

My mom is a high maintenance, posh woman. I like to take her to nice places. She likes to look nice too. She gets complimented more than I do, to be honest. I wouldn't have it any other way. After all, she is my birth giver. 

I posted a blog on the Palace Hotel in San Francisco last week, and I styled my mom at the hotel. I told her what to wear. We went there for tea time. We were going for a posh look. We also went to tea time at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills earlier. My mom is wearing the white and blue outfit with pearls for that event. She wanted to look very classy, yet not overdo it. For both events, she wanted to look classy. I guess we love tea time.

She wore the outfit in black when I went out with her one night. She always goes for smokey eyes whether it be day or night. She wore something sultry for the night. Black looks very good on her. She get complimented. She has a sort of Penelope Cruz look to her. Overall, she always looks good and youthful.

I style my family. My family does not buy new clothes until after they ask my advice on what to buy. I have styled by brothers in this sense. To be honest, they get complimented so much. I am very grateful for my family. My family has been so supportive of me and this business. I am honored whenever I am able to style them. To know the results of their look is honestly a cherry on top.

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