Before I begin, I just wanted to let you know that Halston Heritage reblogged my pictures of Ellie. I know it’s nothing, but I never thought I would get reblogged so soon by a company with 55.5k followers. It made my day last Monday! This is just the beginning. It motivates me to do more with this. Hey, there’s a start for everything. We’ll see how this evolves too! I’m excited to do more for my portfolio.

Now back to Gloria! So a few weeks ago, I shot my friend Gloria for my portfolio. We did the shoot at her apartment rooftop. I loved how we could see the buildings in downtown. Also, I liked working with her because I know a little bit about her.

We both met at UCLA when we were undergraduates. I met her in my philosophy class. We were both majoring in philosophy. I learned a good amount about her. She is an athlete, who runs. Thus, if you notice, her body is goals in these pictures!

In addition, in college, we were both thinking of going into the legal field. I decided not to go last year, while Gloria is starting her 2L at Loyola this year. With the degree, she would like to go into sports management, I believe. I could see her having her own firm. For this reason, I chose her. I wanted to go with a confident woman who has big goals in her life. If you look at the pictures, it went pretty well.

The first outfit I picked out for her was a suit from Ellie Tahari. I loved the vibrant color. I thought it would look stunning on her especially because of what she is aspiring to become.

Next, I wanted her to wear something girly. I was looking for a look for fall. I wanted her to look a little trendy too. Thus, I threw in the hat in the following pictures. In addition, like I said, I wanted her to have a fall look to her. So I styled her with a trench coat and a feather skirt. Both looks are posted below!

Finally, to end it all, I wanted Gloria to wear a dress. I found a statement jacket to go with the look. Honestly, I fell in love with the jacket! I event did my own shoot with the jacket because I loved it so much! Overall, I would say this look looks like little red riding hood going out on a Friday night.