Welcome to me…

I know what you are thinking. What kind of name is Tiwinkle?! Well, it's a long story, but to sum it up, it is my legal name, and it stems from superstition. I was born in an Indian family. That has nothing to do with why I do what I do, but I was thinking why not start with an ice breaker.

Now let me fast forward to the important stuff of how I got here. I was in seventh grade when I fell in love with fashion. I discovered that year. I watched every runway show on that site. I saved so many runway, editorial, and fashion related pictures on my computer. I had more fashion related pictures than personal pictures on my computer. Furthermore, I would sketch and even sew clothes. I found harmony in my daily routine of things. I got complimented for my own personal style. In addition, I began giving style advice to the people close to me. They would always comeback to tell me about how they would get so many compliments for their style. They were able to make a personal statement with the advice I gave them! I knew this was a unique trait was innate in me.

When I was a junior in high school, my parents took me to FIDM to check out what they could offer me. I chose not to go eventually. My grades were much too high. After high school, I went to UCLA and double majored in Economics and Philosophy. I tried job after job to see what would be a perfect fit for me because somewhere in my soul, I felt I was not where I needed to be.

Finally, after three years out of college, I decided to pursue fashion in this sense. I am a personal stylist, and I bolster people's confidence for a living. Their lives change with just this change in their personality trait! The positive energy that they put out in the universe presents them with better opportunities in their every day life. It's crazy that something little like bringing a change to someone's wardrobe and style can change a person's life. So I am grateful for the opportunity that the universe has given me to touch people's lives in this sense! I feel a sort of harmony within my life too!